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Uk Sanctions Forum 2000 X 814
24. 01. 2019 | Guernsey

2019 Guernsey Sanctions (half-day) Forum

Managing risk in relation to sanctions is more important than ever. As a result of recent geopolitical tension, sanctions are increasingly used as a political weapon of mass disruption. This event will interrogate the key global developments in managing this evolving risk. There will be...

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Brexit 2000 X 814
15. 05. 2019 | Guernsey

2nd Annual Brexit (half-day) Forum

Brexit is one of the most significant political events in a generation and has significant implications for the Channel Islands. This event will explore the impact of Brexit on Guernsey and the possible short term and long term implications of this seismic event in the financial services industry. ...

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Abc Forum 2000 X 814
11. 06. 2019 | Guernsey

2019 Guernsey Anti-Bribery & Corruption (half-day) Forum

Understanding the evolving corruption landscape, from 1MDB to corrupt capital flows, is crucial for effective risk mitigation. This forum aims to provide a platform to explore the latest bribery & corruption risks as they are relevant to financial services businesses, especially in light of...

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